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Is Telegram a good social media platform for communicating?

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Is Telegram the social media platform to use for communicating with your friends and colleagues?

Telegram claimed to have good privacy and security features.

May be because of these good privacy and security features, you can notice there are a lot of scams group using this platform.

Below I am sharing some messages from Telegram when my friend tried to do a hookup and what was offered.

We found a lot of these types of posts in Telegram, after a while, the user would delete their accounts.

After a few days, they would create another new account with a new name

We tried a few, and managed some hookup to the stage of meeting up.

Usually the ladies will not tell you their address, they will give you an address near their houses and claimed once you reached there, message her and she will come to pick you to her place.

So we went to the agreed meeting place, instead of a lady, here came a man with tatoo, we told him we would not be going with him, luckily there were a few policemen nearby patrolling.

The next day, the user account of that Telegram account deleted her account.

If you look at the three messages below, they look similar and are from three different Telegram accounts.

All three messages indicated the same meeting place. thus this could be a syndicate operating to lure some hungry people to trap.

Message No. 1

Masturbating sex video call $50

Just video call $20

Nudes $30

sex service

1 hour $100 booking deposit $50

90 minutes $150 booking deposit $50

2 hours $200 booking deposit $80

3 hours $300 booking deposit $100

4 hours $400 booking deposit $120

Booking fee by bank transfer

Message No.2


1 hour $100

90 minutes $150

2 hours $200

3 hours $250

Over night $300

Shot :unlimited shot

Booking fee is $50 by transfer

Message No. 3


1 hour $100

90 minutes $150

2 hours $200

3 hours $250

Over night $300

Shot :unlimited shot

Booking fee is $50 by transfer

Every time when you create a group in Telegram, within minutes, you can see a lot of females join the group and offer their services.

As the Admin of the group, you have to spend times to remove all these names.

I just wonder why Telegram allow these types of people joining.

All Telegram did was when you complained, they would show a message this message could not be displayed as it contained pornography or something to that effect.

as a result of which, it make the group pages very messy and meaningless.

And this filtering only happen after you complained, if you did not complain, you could see all the pornography in the group page, openly canvassing for business.

Why is Telegram allowing this type of posting on its platform?

It seems that Telegram only take action when some one complained, if not they will allow the posting of pornography in their platform.

We can notice all these pornography messages have bad influence and scammers and people with bad intention are taking advantage of it.

Since the privacy and security setting in Telegram is so good, I think even Telegram do not know who are the people using their platform for crime, vice and illegal activities.

You may want to read more about it in the link below.

I am writing this based on what I come across in Singapore, a tiny city country and have a lot of scammers or whoever with ill intentions are using the platform.

The following news report in The Straits Times of Singapore gave some useful information about how the scam took place.

Are any Authorities taking measure to control the social media platform to ensure the platforms take responsibilities in what contents are posted via their platforms?

social media like Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Signal and Wechat as well as Tik Tok, are they doing anything to prevent users post offending, malicious and pornographic contents.

Or they take the easy way claiming it is the freedom of expression and use of their media platforms?

Some may claim there is no way they can monitor all the contents since thousands users are posting every minute, and the monitoring is a voluminous job.

Since nowadays every one is using AI to do the work, surely the platform owners can do something to curb these types of contents appearing in their platforms.

Advancement of technology pose a serious threat to the security of ordinary people.

The security and privacy claimed by certain social media platforms actually work into the hand of criminals and scammers , who love this type of features.

Most of the users of Telegram do not use their real names in creating their accounts, and Telegram allow that.

Why don't Telegram insist of real person registration since they claim their platform has privacy and security?

Government is asking its citizen to be more vigilant in the use of social media, however if the authority is serious, they should stop all these malicious contents in the social media by making the platform owners be more responsible and make them accountable for all contents and any crimes committed.

Anyone who has been scammed using the platform, the platform owner should be charged for abetting for the crime.

Some useful prevention methods you may want to read.

There is this article in the link below for you to learn more about Telegram scam.

if you have any comments and feedback or want to share your experience, you may want to put it in the comments section.

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6 thoughts on “Is Telegram a good social media platform for communicating?

  1. Ela

    Wow .Lots of shocking reality from Telegram, I never used telegram and I did not know too ,probably not many know this.Well look like it is very hard trusting social media's. It is scary too. Personally did not hear any of these stuff with Instagram for example, hopefully Meta does a better job.

    1. Chee Shi Teo

      Yes, shocking to learn that about Telegram, it is a common opinion about it over in Singapore, that Telegram is the tool to fool the senior people. 

      Is Meta doing a better job? I doubt very much seeing so many fake posts in Face Book and WhatsApp, especially WhatsApp, the job scam is very common there.

  2. Teri Rehkopf

    Yuck! Sorry, but this kinda makes me sick to my stomach to read, and I'm fairly liberal.

    I've never used Telegram cuz of the right-wing presence there. I don't need to be harassed. I don't do much social media except when publishing my new survival prepping posts. I follow a lot of dog and animal people on FB and X, so I laugh at the funny animal posts.

    Thanks for informing us about this so we can avoid it!


    1. Chee Shi Teo

      Thanks for your input, yes, this is what is going in Telegram at the moment and the platform provider does not seem to do anything to curb this.

      Quite a lot in Singapore have been lured into this and lost their retirement savings, 

      In Singapore, the moment you create a group, within seconds it will be flooded with all those looking for businesses or controlled by scammers.

      best regards


  3. Ryan

    I have never heard of this platform before, but it does sound very shady and I 100% agree with you that this platform should require sign-up with the account holder's correct name like Facebook does for example. this allows FB to cross-check users if or when something happens. I'm glad in your case that there were a few police around when the tattooed guy turned up but what about those who haven't been this lucky?.....

    1. Chee Shi Teo

      Hi Ryan

      thanks for your feedback, yes, Telegram gained popular after WhatsApp implemented some measure to make it for stringent for users and users think their privacy have been compromised so they migrated to Telegram.

      Yes, a group of us were trying to find out the scams in Telegram and walked through the process, we discovered most of those who ask for deposit or buying cards are scam and the moment they realized we were identifying the scams, they deleted their accounts.

      best regards



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