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Have You Been Scammed Lately?

I have been discussing this scam topic a few times.

It seems that the matter is getting worse as days go by.

Every day, there is a person falls to scammers' tricks and scam.

Despite all the alerts and measures, still there are people being scammed daily and losing their hard-earned money.

Some old folks have their savings wiped out by scammers.

People said old people tend to fall victims easily, however I had read news reports about even IT professional fall victims to scammers.

The latest hacking to get your money as seen in WhatsApp message as follows:

"Forwarded as received.


Some people are going to upload pictures of the fighting in Jewish settlements on WhatsApp. The file is called Seismic Waves CARD.

Do not open it, it will hack your phone in 10 seconds and cannot be stopped in any way.

They talked about it on TV. A cyber attack on us from all kinds of directions is also starting.

Pass the information on to family and friends."

What are the popular scams nowadays?

Every day, we seem to see people fall victims with scams in the following manners:

1. Job scams

2. Malware scams.

3. Phishing scams.

  1. Job scams

There are a lot of job scams, supposedly from job portals.

Scammers would message you via WhatsApp or any social media platform to introduce you to some jobs with commission.

I used to receive a few in my WhatsApp saying my profile in the job portal fit the requirement they are looking for.

The work involved giving some comments and reviews, by doing so, can earn some commission, about $35 per review, and one day at least do 2 reviews and comments.

If one falls into this trick, he will notice after getting commissions as promised for the first few reviews, then the payment stops.

Then, they will say you need to pay certain money to go for higher commissions.

After a while, you notice the commissions do not come in and realize the scam is in operation.

Another example of scam which i just received in my WhatsApp group


My cousin received a call, asking if he had been vaccinated, if vaccinated to press 1.

If not vaccinated, press 2. As a result, he pressed 1, the phone was blocked and his online bank information/account were all transferred. Please be Alert and Careful and forward to more people to know about this new trick/scam. Forwarded as received.


Your BANK Account can be Empty without Notice.

There is a HIGH TECHNOLOGY SCAM going on at this time called SIM SWAP FRAUD, it is said that hundreds of people have been affected, they suddenly found that their bank accounts were EMPTY

How does it work?

1. The new scam called SIM SWAP starts like this... Your phone network will suddenly go blank / Zero Signal / Zero Bar and after a while, you will get a call.

2. The caller will tell you that he is calling from your mobile phone company depending on your network and that there is a problem in your mobile network.

3. He / she will instruct you to Please press 1 on your phone to regain network. PLEASE... at this stage
don't Press anything, Just hang up or END the call.

If you press 1 ,
the network will appear suddenly and in a moment your phone will go blank again (Zero Bar) and with that action, your phone is ALREADY HACKED

In a few seconds they will empty your bank account, and you won't receive any notification. About it.

It will appear as if your line has been disconnected with no Network, meanwhile your SIM has been CHANGED.

The danger here is, you won't get any transaction alerts.

Let's be very careful.

Please, send this info to your contacts, loved ones and friends.
Fraud is increasing day by day.

Received from a Cybersecurity Group

Many people have been affected.
Please share so that more people are saved from this SCAM!


  1. Malware Scams

Malware always embed in the link sent by scammer.

if one clicks on the link in the message, it will activate the malware and your device will be infected with the malware.

depending on the device you are using, if you use your mobile phone, and you have been using the device for your banking activities, chances are once you click on the link, the malware will work in your mobile phone.

the end result is devastating, the malware will infect the device then the phishing will capture the information in your phones and send to the person who implant the malware.

  1. Phishing

to quote from

to quote-- "Phishing attacks are often a vessel to deliver malware that masquerades as a communication from a trusted or reputable source. This type of cybercrime can come in the form of an email, a phone call (fishing), or a text message (smishing). The most common conduit is through email, with 96% of phishing attacks in 2019 leveraging the tool." unquote.

A phishing attack may look or sound like it’s from a company, friend, or family member, even someone within your own organization and contain a request for privileged information, or a link or attachment that results in a malicious download. Common phishing scams seem to come from a bank, credit card company, social media site, or online payment site.

More sophisticated phishing attacks can be a fraudulent invoice, an alert about supposed suspicious activity from your account, a coupon or reward offer, or a fake confirmation notice. Phishing kits allow cybercriminals with limited expertise to spam attacks with authentic-appearing emails or text messages.

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