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You Only Live Once But If You Do It Right Once Enough

You only live once but if you do it right once enough

This is the quote we always hear now and then, especially when we were young and the elders lectured us.

Life is very challenging at times, and we can not expect to have an easy life.

It sometimes throws some curve balls and hit us without us knowing it.

The only definite thing is we only live this life once, and we have to make full of it.

In order not to regret later, we need to live our life the way we want to, and accept whatever challenges life throw at us.

The most important thing is to enjoy our life while we can, after all we only live once.


What are the challenges in life?

1. With all this uncertainty going on in life, we have to be sure of one thing, that is to enjoy life.

2. to avoid being disappointed in life.

3. Do not fall into scam in our life if we can.

1. To enjoy life

A lot of people have miserable life, they think too much and fall into the myth of over analysis become paralysis.

If we worry too much about our life, it will manifest into the negative things we are most worried about.

People always come across the warning - be careful of what you wish for, it may just become reality.

So we need to go out and enjoy our life, not to partying away but to do something valuable and useful, so that at the later years, we can tell ourselves, we have a very successful life.

2. To avoid being disappointed in life.

When we reach the silver lining age, we may reflect on our life, and what could have we done better and so on.

Well, there is no point in doing so if we have enjoyed our life to the maximum.

The what Ifs are not just the cup of tea we are having.

However, if we are to avoid being disappointed in life, we need to set out and do ourselves a big favor, plan our life and live the life the way we want to live,

After all, You Know You Only Live Once.

3. Do not fall into scams in our life

Scams are very rampant nowadays.

There are so many types of scams going on in this high technology era.

Some scams are:

  1. Job scams
  2. crypto scams
  3. email scams
  4. love scams
  5. short messaging scams

So since we only live once, we have to make sure we do not fall into the scams, and ruin our life, worse, lost all our savings to all these scams.

It already happened quite often since towards the end of 2021 and things do not seem to improve at all. Even in this 2022, almost one third of the year has passed, however every now and then, we still read some people have fallen victims to scams and lost their life savings.


ScamAlert - Bringing you the latest scam info

to learn more about the scam going on instead of going to watch some videos which do not seem to add any value.

With the pandemic since two years ago, a lot of people have been affected one way or the other, some having their savings draining, some lost their job and created some financial problem.

Definitely people will be desperate, this is the time the scammers will take advantage and strike, so do be careful and be more alert.

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6 thoughts on “You Only Live Once But If You Do It Right Once Enough

  1. Bethel

    Challenges are part of life, no matter how we try they can't be completely avoided. The most important thing is how we respond to the troubles that life throws at us. This article is quite timely  and in line with recent happenings around the world. Many people are desperately looking for who to defraud online. We have to be content and thankful while living one day at a time. 

    1. Chee Shi Teo

      yes, we have to be thankful we are still breathing and living our life despite threat of COVID-19 and the unrest in the world with the increasing of costs and so on,

      then we have this threat of scam online which may disrupt our life unnecessarily.

      I agreed with you , we need to face the challenges head on and move on and live our life.

      best regards

      Chee Shi

  2. LineCowley

    You are quite right, we only live once. Therefore we have to make the most of every day that we are given in this life. And unfortunately scammers also only live once and they are always on the lookout for the suckers that might fall for their scams. So do be aware of scammers.

    So to avoid disappointment in your life, live every day to the fullest of your ability. 

    1. Chee Shi Teo

      I totally agree with you, we only live once, we need to enjoy our life to the fullest, but at the same time we can not let down our guard and get cheated by scammers.

      fighting scam is every one's responsibility and sharing experience to educate others is one of the way to prevent scam.

      best regards

      Chee Shi

  3. Daniella

    Hi there,
    Thank you for sharing this helpful article. I really love the reading.
    It's so sad that we cannot trust everyone in this world. I'm always scared to fall on a scam when I want to buy something from a website. I have a question, though, what would be the best way to detect a scam? Unfortunately, it's difficult to identify them.
    Thank you for the list of scams you have shared in your article. I am sure this will be of big help.

    1. Chee Shi Teo

      I don't really use online to do my purchasing, but I always tell those who are close with me, if they do, there are a few things they can do to protect themselves.

      1. do not use the main account to do the purchase.

      2. use one bank account which only has certain amount, say $1k in it, so even your account is hacked, the most you lost is $1k.

      3. check the website domain, if the name of domain does not seem to be the right one, do not click on the link.

      4. do more research on the platform and see the comment and review, my take is as long as there is one negative comment, I will not touch that platform.

      5. I may be old fashion, I do not trust this so called digital banking or digital transaction, unless the platform offers cash on delivery.

      hope the above can give you some ideas .

      best regards

      Chee Shi


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