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Secret Ways To Have Happy Retirement

Healthy SupplementIs There Some Secret Ways To Have Happy Retirement?

When a person thinks of his retirement, normally people will only look at whether we have enough to last the duration of the retirement.

Assuming you retire at the age of 55, and the normal life span of a person may be 90, hence you will have 35 years to enjoy or suffer when you start your retirement.

Hence, the question arises, in order to be able to live out this 35 years, how are we going to ensure we have a happy and healthy retirement life?

People tend to think of ensuring money in the bank or in hand to live out the 35 years will be fine already and neglect the health in body and mind, if we do not have a healthy body and mind, even though we have ample money at our disposal during our retirement, we will not be able to achieve our objective to have a healthy and happy retirement.

In order to really enjoy our retirement, besides financially independent, it is important to keep a healthy body and happy mind.

So we have to take care of the three important issues as follows:

1. Financially independent.

2. Healthy body.

3. Happy mindset.

I have covered some points in my previous posts about financially independent to enjoy a good retirement.

Now I am trying to bring to attention of the need to have a healthy body and happy mindset.

Healthy Body

If we want to remain healthy and ensure our body stays active for many years to come, we need to take good care of our body and eat right, exercise correctly and if possible take some good vitamins and minerals or supplement, this is to maintain and supplement the vital nutrients we lost over the years as we age and help our body to function and maintain at certain level.

Nowadays, people are very conscious of the food intake and always go for healthy food, preferably eat some natural food instead of processed food, and some even go to the extent of having a dietitian to prepare and map out a menu for them to follow.

I would have thought as long as we took simple and natural action like taking fruits, vegetables and whole grains as the key to maintain a good healthy diet, and trying to avoid meats will do as we are trying to be thrifty in our retirement and still manage to get enough nutrients and the necessary minerals required by our body.

Other than the food intake, it is important also we have adequate exercise and exercise correctly, this is to maintain a certain level of fitness for our body so that we can have the necessary metabolism of our body.

Brisk walking is one form of exercise which can be done anytime during our retirement and it is free as long as you have a good pair of shoe for walking and it is important to ensure we spend certain times per day to walk briskly.

Happy Mind Set

Photo by Mathias Konrath on Unsplash

As long as we are happy, and we have a positive mind set, we will definitely lead a very happy and healthy retirement life as a happy mindset will surely lead to a healthy body and if one is happy always and have positive attitude, things will look up and bright up every body surrounding him and spread the good energy around.

Therefore, if we exercise right, keep a healthy lifestyle and eat healthily, we will have a very healthy and happy retirement

If you have any questions or wish to share your experience on this topic, please feel free to leave your comments and questions and your experience in the feedback space below and I would be glad to get back to you and thank you for your feedback and comments and sharing of your experience.

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6 thoughts on “Secret Ways To Have Happy Retirement

  1. Heku

    Hey Chee! While it's true that I am in a long way of retiring, it is also unavoidable that sooner or later this has to happen to my life as well. I loved your beatifully article as well as the 3 simple ways on a easier retirement-life, steps I much probably will look forward to when I am about to enter that stage of my life, as they are pretty simple and make sense, indeed. Awesome article!


    1. Chee Shi Teo

      Yes Heku

      every thing we do, it is better to start young, same with preparing for retirement, if we leave it to the last moment to prepare for it, it may be too late and too old to do.

      Chee Shi

  2. Wina

    I really like your post here, usually, when people think about retirement, the first thing they would think of would be money - how to survive when you're no longer having a job. But many people didn't actually think of also investing in their body and mind.

    I truly agree that healthy body and mind can be really important to keep after retirement. One of my fears is that my mind can't keep up with my curiosity to learn when I get old! Lol

    Will keep your advice in mind! 🙂

    Thanks for posting this - a lot more people need to read about this! Would love it as well if you can share your personal practices/recipes in keeping a healthy body and mind on this blog 🙂

    1. Chee Shi Teo

      hi Wina

      thanks for your comments and sharing your thought as well on this, i notice you are in yoga, which is actually another way you can keep your body and mind healthy to prepare for retirement!!!!, hence you actually have a head start as compared to quite a lot of people whom i talked to about how prepared they are when it is time to live their retirement life.
      I will be writing about practices in keeping healthy body and mind once i have done my research and also sharing what i am doing currently in this area.

  3. John

    Have been retired for 3.5 years. Eating a balanced diet is one of the hardest things to maintain. I find that making a menu for the week works best. Having structure in retirement is just as important as in your work life. Set a time for that morning walk, set up a weeks menu, Get up at the same time every day and make the bed, all things I still do every day.
    Do you think social activity will help in this area also, I think it keeps the mind sharper.

    1. Chee Shi Teo

      hi John

      thanks for sharing your retirement life here, i appreciate that, to keep the mind sharp in retirement, i would think it is better for a person to continue doing work or keep himself busy instead of just sitting around and looking at the world passing by. that is why over here in this part of world, some people actually encourage old people to be active in social work, work as volunteer,or play a game called " mahjong" which keep the mind sharp.

      once again, John, enjoy your retirement and keep yourself busy and happy and healthy


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