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How To Avoid Online Financial Scams – 4

Series 4 of the online financial scams

Today I am going to continue my online financial scams series, as highlighted by the China Public Security Bureau earlier this year.

We should share this knowledge about how to avoid online financial scams so that more people are aware of the scams.

5. Fictitious Claims Scams

a. Fictitious car accident scam

Acting as the relatives or friends of the victims of the car accidents, the scammers claim that

  • the victims need to settle the accidents settled immediately,
  • demand the other party to transfer the compensation money.
b. Scammed kidnap plot

The Scammer informed the victims' relative that the victims have been kidnapped.

They then asked the victim to pay ransom to a specific bank account.

The relative is warned not report to the police, if not, they will kill the victims.

c. Surgery Scam

Scammer informs the victim's parents or children that:

  • the kids or the parents need surgery immediately, due to sudden attack of sickness,
  • demand the victims remit the money before treatment can be made immediately.
d. Dire Strait Situation Scam

Scammer act as if he is  in serious financial, life threatening sickness .

He then appeals to the public via social media pleading to secure some donations.

With this in mind, the scammers will hope to get as much as possible.

e. Reported parcel with drug scam

Scammer informs the victim that:

  • the parcel addressed to the victims
  • they found drugs in the parcel, and
  • required the victim to pay some money to the National Security Account,
  • before they carry out a proper investigation.

f. photo shopped obscene and lewd photos scam

Scammers collect the photos of public servants:

  • use the computer to photoshop into obscene pictures, and
  • mail to the victim, attached with the bank account number,
  • threatening and blackmailing the public servants to pay up or risk being exposed.
g. Abortion Cost Scam

Scammer impersonating as the children:

  • to send short messaging to the parents,
  • knowing very well how the parents love their children,
  • convince the parents to transfer money for abortion cost.

6. Daily Living Scam

a. Impersonating as Land Lord Scam

Scammer impersonates the land lord:

  • send short messaging to the tenants,
  • informing the tenant, that
  • the landlord had changed the bank card and account numbers, and
  • advise the tenants to pay their rental to a specified account.
b. Telephone Bill Scam

Scammer acted as they are from the telco, calls the consumers, or using the pre-recorded voice message, informing the consumer to pay their outstanding bills to a designated bank account.

c. Tax Rebate On Goods Purchase Scam

After obtaining the particulars and information about the victims' recent purchases of houses or cars, the scammers calls the victims to informs the victims, that

  • due to the changes in tax policies,
  • hence they are entitled for rebate of tax and duties,
  • ask the victims to go to ATM to execute the transfer in order to enable them to get paid.
d. Change of Air Tickets Scam

Scammer act as official from the airline customer service,

  • the scammers inform the victim,
  • due to the cancellation of flights, refund of air ticket and changes of services,
  • they are entitled to have the refund.
How does the customer can get his refund?

However, for the purpose of getting the refund of their money, now they require the victims to make payments as processing fees.

e. Online Ticket Booking Scam

Scammers created a fake website for ticket booking,

  • using a much lower ticket prices to attract victims to purchase tickets online.
  • If any victim used the platform, they will discover something amiss.
  • The Scammer calls the victim to inform that the transaction was not successful.

As a result of it, the victim is  required to keep making payment online.

f. ATM Scam

Scammer jams the ATM cash dispenser slot, and

  • paste a fake phone hot line service number at the ATM,
  • after the victim used the number to call,
  • they then obtain the necessary details of the victims.
  • After waiting for the victim to go away, then
  • they retrieve the card from the ATM and
  • withdraw the money using the cards.

g. Credit Card Scam

Scammer calls the victim informing the victim that their credit cards details have been exposed.

As a result of that, they now required the victim to provide the necessary information to scam the victim, to enable them to check and rectify.

h. Remittance Scam

Scammers using the group chat short messaging method to require the victims to remit money to certain bank accounts, normally this happen when the victim was in the process of making remittance to banks.

Without checking, they will just act on the information and make the remittance to the bank account of the scammers.

With this, the scammers will be receiving money without the victims knowing.

Pointes to Ponder

With so much scams going on, it would be good every one of us stay alert and share the experience.

If you have any questions or wish to share your experience on this topic, please feel free to leave your comments, questions and your experience in the feedback space below

I would be glad to get back to you and thank you for your feedback, comments and sharing of your experience.

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