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Goal Achievement

When we achieve a goal, it certainly creates satisfaction, but our wonderful life usually happens in the journey towards attaining ours goal. It comes from the inspiration, hope, and motivation that leads to our actions to attain a goal. But living a wonderful life can happen regardless of achieving a goal or not.

So if you are determined to embark on some fitness program to keep yourself fit, and achieve the goal of reducing your weight, say from 80 kg to 67kg as 67 kg is your ideal weight and if you can achieve the goal, it will be a huge satisfaction and mission accomplished

I have seen my friend trying her best to do some flat belly exercise and does not seem to get anywhere until she tried out something I was telling her to do and it seemed it worked!!

This is just one of the examples of achieving goal set, in our life, we would set a few goals since the day we started to know our surrounding since our birth.

As we entered school age, we would set goal to have better grade until we finished our education at tertiary level.

then we start our working life and set another goal to reach certain level in corporate world if you are in the corporate world ladder.

Then there are some who are self-employed and earning passive income in online world or become a self-made enterpreuer and making good money online, we will still set our goal of getting so much per night and so on.

So is goal setting that important?

Goal setting is just one of the tools we used to achieve our target and use as a barometer to focus on the task we have in hand.

Just like in this Wealthy Affiliate journey, some will set the goal of making so much money per week, per month and so on. and if the goal is achieved, there is a sense of satisfaction and mission accomplished.

However, the start up may not be smooth sailing as people thought it was, without hard work and hours spent focusing on setting goals and trial and errors, until we are able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we would not be able to say we have achieved our goal.

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