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Every one has to reach this stage of the life -- RETIREMENT.

How are we prepared for retirement means a lot and will definitely play a very important part in deciding whether we have a healthy and happy retirement.

If you want to have a good and healthy retirement, you have to ensure you are well-prepared for it.

You may have a good and healthy retirement, you may also have one good but not so healthy retirement, likewise you may have a healthy but not so good retirement.

A happy and healthy retirement is one you can do whatever you want to do and have the freedom to do it, it is not just about sitting down enjoying your food or game that you like and no worry about work and money.

If we are not well-prepared for a healthy life, then we may not have a happy and healthy retirement as we may be bogged down by sickness or restriction in movement due to old age or injury.

Assuming we want to retire from working life and looking forward to have a happy retirement lifestyle which we have been looking forward to, and to experience a new phase of our life.

How to have a happy and healthy retirement?

Here are some steps which may help you to achieve what you are looking for in retirement.

1. Draw a detail plan of what you want to do in retirement.

After the daily grind of working life and planning for the family and so on, it is time to plan for retirement and enjoy the rest of our life.

Hence, it is important that we plan our retirement and have a detail planning mapped out and stick to the plan during our retirement.

2. Taking care of our health is our priority during retirement.

Without a healthy body, it will be quite difficult to enjoy a good and happy retirement life and enjoy the lifestyle we are going to appreciate for the rest of our life.

Our body will tend to stop working and the muscle will not work as we wanted if we do not do basic exercise daily, at least we need to ensure we are walking for certain numbers of minutes every day, just to keep our muscles working instead of deteriorating and sooner will lose its motor senses.

I enjoy brisk walking as it helps to keep me healthy and make my body metabolism working. I am not a doctor, so I will just share here as a layman what I do to keep myself healthy.

Brisk walking for at least 30 minutes a day while swinging your arms as you walk, this is to ensure you do the bare minimum of exercise to keep your muscles in good shape

As I learned and share the Words of Wisdom below.


3. Having a stable income for retirement.

By now, we should have worked out on how much is required for our retirement and what is the bare minimum.

If you still have not set up a continuous stream of income for retirement, it is better to start now and work on it.

As I mentioned in my earlier article, one of the method is to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate and start blogging and sharing your life experience at the same time generate some passive income for your retirement needs.

Engaging in blogging every day in WA will also help you to keep your mind and mental working and keeping your mind from regressing and becoming senile.

Hence, this may work out to be a very good retirement plan, blogging and putting it in writing your sweet memory in your website and generating good traffic and income, at the same time can help to keep the mind fresh and active during old age.

4. Search a good place for retirement and do it with your partner.

Yes, if we can retire to a place with the scenery as shown in the picture above, that will be like living in paradise with fresh air and away from all the pollution and hassle.

Retirement does not mean you have to stay in your current place, you may want to downsize and move to a more secluded place, away from the traffic and over populated area and make sure you can have a place to do your daily walk and exercise.

By staying in a smaller house may help you to free up some free money and help you financially in the golden years ahead.

Well, you have to do all these with your partner and decide on any retirement decision together as you want your partner to stay with you together in the golden age years.

It will be better that decisions are made together, if not, you may not have a happy and peaceful time since you may be seemed to force it on your partner to accept your choice which may not be to her/his liking.

5. Be realistic about what retirement mean to your lifestyle.

A lot of people enjoy the first few months of their retirement and then reality sinks in and they find that they need to change their routine now that they are in retirement.

Fighting boredom is one of the main task a retiree needs to tackle, hence, if we are planning and looking forward to retirement, it is important to have continuous planning in place.

Perhaps, you may want to catch up with reading all those books which you wanted to read but did not really have the time to do so, now that you are retired, it is time to catch up with and what better way than to go to Amazon. And find out what are the books you can read now that you are retired.

These are the first 5 steps to achieve happy and healthy retirement in our golden years, if you like the article and gain some insight of it, do share this article with your friends.

And do drop your comments below if you have good ideas on what makes a happy and healthy retirement.



As we grow older and reaching retirement age, we tend to ask ourselves whether we are prepared for retirement.

What Options Do We Have

When we are reaching retirement age, normally we will be asking ourselves a question, what are we going to do upon retirement?

However, usually a common answer is:

We will take a holiday and visit some places, all the while using all of our savings o the holiday trip

You know you only live once, if we do not plan for our retirement, when the time come for retirement, we will have some real issue we need to address.

Reality of Retirement

After holidaying and spending almost all the savings, the reality sinks in after reaching home and staring at the walls in the house and suddenly we realize there is a financial crisis building up.

After the holiday, and waking up the next day and realize that today we need not keep working.

When the bills are in the mail, the reality sinks in.

There is no income since we have already retired and spent most of the savings on the holidays and still have so many years to live.



What Have We Done To Prepare For Retirement?

In order to have a peaceful and stress free retirement where we can enjoy a quality life style, we must prepare ourselves from when we are young and have the energy and means to do it.

We have to look at this issue in various ways in terms of financial, social and final place for our retirement.

To prepare for a meaningful retirement with quality and healthy lifestyle, as you know, you only live once, hence it is important we are well-prepared for our retirement.

Majority of the people I have spoken to, do not seem to care and prepare for their retirement.

A lot of them depend on the government to help them out with the welfare measures the government is implementing.

However, there is only so much a government is able to provide to take care of its senior citizen.

For those who depend on the children to look after them and provide them with retirement life style especially the Asian Countries, with the current competitive world, the children themselves have already had their full to survive, let alone taking care of their parents.


Financial Planning For Retirement

Before we officially retire and start to enjoy our life, we must plan for a proper financial retirement plan so that we have enough to enjoy our retirement life.

In country where I am currently residing, when we are working, we are supposed to contribute the Provident Fund which is a mandatory retirement fund set up by the government.

The policy set out in the Fund is good and if a member of the Fund really follow the plan lay out, we may be able to have a reasonable retirement life style.

Perhaps we may want to look at some suggestions and guide or retirement plans readily available in books written by some well-known authors, then learn some of them and prepare ourselves for a good and quality retirement

Other than depending on government or studying from some books on what need to be done for retirement, in this age of internet and high technology, we may want to learn some basic skill and making use of the key board to have some passive income to sustain our retirement life.

One of the easiest and fastest way to earn some basic passive income is to have some incomes by doing internet business and also do some online trading on financial instrument.

Unless and until we can take care of the financial, then only we are able to talk about a sustainable and worried free retirement.

Perhaps, by doing some affiliate marketing and generate some passive income will be one of the ways, and Wealthy Affiliate will be a good place to start.

Social, Healthy Living And Final Place Of Living For Our Retirement

One of the main issue we need to consider when we want to retire is where are we going to live during our retirement.

This is a very important decision to consider as it affects the amount we have set aside for our retirement and the standard of living we are longing for in our retirement.

Normally, people will look for a place which is quiet and with good scenery and stress free to enjoy their retirement life and not in the city which is very stress, for example, a city with heavy traffic jam and the hectic pace of life.

The would be retiree may also want to look into the medical facility of the place for retirement, since as we get older, the tendency to be sick is quite high, especially for those who have been living a high life who may have already had some modern day sickness.

Unless the place where we decide to reside for our retirement is really good and can give us the quality of life we are looking for and which will help us in improving our health since we are stress free, the body will be able to rejuvenate and with quality lifestyle, we will be able to live better.

The other issue we have to consider in deciding the place to live out our retirement is the health care facility of the place.

Some places may look very nice and peaceful to be a very suitable place for retirement, however if the health care facility is not readily available and since our old age tend to have more sickness, in emergency, we may have some worry time to get the treatment in time



If we really want to have a worried free and healthy retirement living, we need to seriously plan and work on our retirement plan the moment we are in the working life after finishing school.

In the current modern high technology world, there are some people who have retired young after making so much and start enjoy their life, however, how many of these people are among us?

However, despite all these, we still can look forward to our retirement if we have planned it properly.

I will talk more about retirement in more details in the future postings.

If you have any comments and feedback, please feel free to leave your comments