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COVID-19, the dreaded word in 2020 which has caused a lot of havoc all over the world.

Because of this pandemic, human beings are being asked by medical experts to stay at homes as much as possible in order to break the spread of this virus.

So the next most used words these days are Social Distancing.

Photo taken at one of the eatery

Just how effective is Social Distancing in curbing the spread of COVID-19?

No one will really know the effectiveness, how does this come about in the first place?

To a layman on the street, he will interpret it laterally that the distance between him and another human has to be at a certain distance, however it appears the social distancing is more than that and it seems a lot of governments do not seem to convey the right messages to the people at large.

There are measures adopted by governments which are considered Social Distancing.

1. Distance between two persons in public.

2. Cancellation of mass gatherings to avoid contact.

3. Restriction of travel.

4. Closure of schools and use home base learning to use internet.

5. Closure of work place of non-essential business to reduce the contacts

6. Quarantine of suspected infected patient and the contacts.

I am not going to elaborate in details of the above measures as I just want to write something about this while being held up at home due to the measures!!!!

Because of this stay home measure, no one can go to work other than the essential services such as utility companies, tel co, supermarkets, food and beverage outlets for those who never cook at home and so used to eat at food courts or restaurants.

Due to this COVID-19, almost all the industries and businesses are affected, Airlines need to ground their air crafts and because of this, the oil production is also affected and oil prices tumbled so much at one time reached negative level.

The oil industries are badly affected as fewer people are traveling and public transports also make fewer trips.

Even taxi operators were badly affected with a lot of drivers decided to stop driving taxis.

So are we going to see the new norm after this COVID-19 pandemic finally leave us for good?

for one, at the moment, due to less traffic on the road, in the air and so on, the pollution due to the emissions from the transports is less and we can see clearer sky.

Likewise, factories which are not in the producing of essential goods are also temporarily stopped and there is less use of air conditions and equipment in these industries which also contribute to the improvement in the air quality to some extent.

The pandemic is really an eye-opener for a lot of people across the boards, those jobs which were deemed not attractive and only for those in between job, such as delivery men, suddenly are in great demand and a profession highly regarded.

Hawkers stalls are doing quite good business as there are a lot of takeaway of foods and less cost involved in washing the plates and cutlery

Manufacturing companies which are in medical supply health industries are doing well as the demands of sanitize rs, disinfectant, masks, glove, PPE, shoes and thermometers are high and even some factories converted their production lines to make all the medical supplies, In China, it was reported that most of the car manufacturers converted their production lines to product gloves, masks, shoe and PPE.

Even reported that Foxconn, the OEM part suppliers of IPhone, refitted their productions to produce masks. So were most of the garment factories in China, refitting their production lines to produce the necessary medical supplies.

With the near standstill of the economy, are we seeing the new norm of economy post COVID-19?

a company's income is another company/consumer expense, for example, if the airline is not flying, as travelers are not flying, so airline will not have income, then all the air crews may not have their salary paid unless the airline concerned has Hugh cash reserve to sustain the non-operating.

Assuming the air crews were not paid or only paid half, hence their purchasing power will reduce, and this will have domino effect on their as the air crews will not spend, and the other industries will have no income since no one is spending money.

So if every one stays at home, no one has income, hence no spending power, at the end of the day, what is going to happen?

Do we go back to the time of barter trading, whereby I had this item and you have what I need and you need what I have, so we exchange goods?

I am looking forward to pricing adjustments, since this work from home for most offices show that they do not really need such a working space in office, so, office property prices will come down? even in Central Business District?

One of the good thing from the social distancing is the home base learning, kids nowadays also glue to their mobile devices and did not bother to study, they go to school only because the parents say so, after school, the hands will be on the mobile phone even when they are taking the meals at home or outside.

School kids were so happy when the government announced the schools will be closed until certain dates, so "hooray" no need to go to school, then it dawns on them that the device which they like so much because of internet connection is being used to do home base learning, so now they realize the internet connection they like so much, which give them enjoyment, now also give them some hard time.

The plus thing of this home base learning is after this pandemic is over, the teachers can change profession and become internet broadcaster/presenters since they now have ample experience in broadcasting through internet when giving lessons to the schools children.

For those who stay at home and need to keep fit, this will be the time to learn how to keep fit when at home and what one can do at home to do the exercise and burn the necessary calories.

For those who really want to challenge their body fitness or who are in burn yoga, you can try burn yoga while working from home. You can click here to learn more about burn yoga

For those who seldom cook and so rely on hawker foods, it is the time to learn and practice the cooking skills and finally the kitchen can be used. After all nowadays there are so many channels one can learn about cooking, just follow YouTube tutorial and so on.

Does Social Distancing lead to panic buying? Or announcement by government which was sometimes not clear enough was the main cause of the panic buying?Photo taken by Chee Shi

One phenomenon of this COVID-19 pandemic is the hoarding of toilet papers, tissue papers, even alcohol swipe which the diabetic patient use before they administer their medicine.

The hoarding of toilet papers not only happens in Hong Kong, Singapore or Malaysia, it even happens in USA and Australia and European countries.

I was told by friends in Hong Kong, the hoarding of toilet papers was due to the rumor that since Hong Kong supply of toilet papers was from China and China had instructed that all the toilet papers production line need to divert the raw materials to making of masks which were in short supply at one time, so the people in Hong Kong got panic and decided to stock up the toilet papers.

As for Singapore, it was noticed that toilet paper and tissue papers hoarding were of different reason, apparently people in Singapore are very creative, they put two pieces of toilet papers in between the mask and tissue paper, the tissue paper will be the one which come into contact with the mouth and nose with the toilet paper in between the tissue paper and mask, even though it is a 3 ply mask.

Anyone has the reason for the hoarding in Western Countries?

One of the good things of this pandemic is nowadays people will queue to buy their goods at the market.

So we have to look at the positive of this outbreak of the pandemic and take action to ensure we can cope with life after COVID-19.

If you have any interesting pictures and views about this COVID-19 in term of social impacts and wish to share your views, feel free to do so in the comments section and I welcome your positive feedback and opinion, time being, stay safe and stay healthy.